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For Definition of For by Merriam-Webster.
c used as a function word to indicate the object or recipient of a perception, desire, or activity now for a good rest run for your life an eye for a bargain. 2 a: as being or constituting taken for a fool eggs for breakfast.
for Wiktionary.
From Middle English for, from Old English for for, on account of, for the sake of, through, because of, owing to, from, by reason of, as to, in order to, from Proto-Germanic furi for, from Proto-Indo-European preh. Cognate with West Frisian foar for, Dutch voor for, German für for, Danish for for, Swedish för for, Norwegian for for, Icelandic fyrir for, Latin per by, through, for, by means of and Romance language successors e.g.
For loop - Wikipedia.
thus the clause to 100 do od, will iterate exactly 100 times. the while syntactic element allowed a programmer to break from a for loop early, as in.: INT sum sq: 0;FOR; i WHILE print So" far, i, new line; Interposed for tracing purposes. sum sq 702 This is the test for the WHILE DO sum sq: i2OD. Subsequent extensions to the standard Algol68 allowed the to syntactic element to be replaced with upto and downto to achieve a small optimization. The same compilers also incorporated.: for late loop termination. for working on arrays in parallel. 1970: Pascal edit. for Counter: 1 to 5 do statement.; Decrementing counting backwards is using downto keyword instead of to, as in.: for Counter: 5 downto 1 do statement.; The numeric-range for-loop varies somewhat more. 1972: C/C edit. Further information: C syntax Iteration statements. for initialization; condition; increment decrement statement. The statement is often a block statement; an example of this would be.: Using for-loops to add numbers 1 - 5 int sum 0; for int i 1; i 6; i sum i.; The ISO/IEC 9899:1999: publication commonly known as C99 also allows initial declarations in for loops.
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